You’ve known some of her secret fantasies from her Tumblr page…

You’ve known some of her secret fantasies from her Tumblr page and searches.

You’ve fought every instinct not to go there, lest you do harm, even knowing you are a major part of her wettest dreams. And since you discovered that fact, she has become the center of yours.

You catch her in this moment and you can hear that she is teetering on the edge. This time, you cannot stop yourself.

You slip in behind her and whisper to her in a way that you know she will wonder if it’s only her imagination becoming real, 

Your sweet snare to sate her need is this: “Don’t stop, honey. Let me help you cum even harder…”, just before your anxious tongue slides into her tight, whimpering, sweetly soaked young slit..

She gasps and her orgasm rocket launches with a ferocious echoing cry, “OhhhhhMommmmyyyyyI’mmmcuuummmming”

Now that you’ve both wantonly and willingly crossed that line, you make secret pacts which only serves to bind you deeper into your forbidden sin, and incite you both to find ways to couple at every turn, in every corner of the house, yard and car, just out of the rest of the family’s view. 

Soon, it will spill into public places and the mere thought of that happening keeps your overjoyed cunt drenched 24/7.

This has become your new game, and right now, it’s a game that has no end. And no limits.