“You’re late, Scott.”“I’m sorry, Mom, I was…”“No time for…

“You’re late, Scott.”

“I’m sorry, Mom, I was…”

“No time for excuses, young man. You know our time is limited. You know what to do.”

But Mom…”

“Yes, Butt is right. You know what the deal is when you make your mother wait.”

He stopped arguing right then and there, and obeyed her every whim as they spilled from her mouth.

“Strip and bend over, mister. I think a big plug and a brief but hard paddling are in order. And I think a nice ring for your big boy dick once it’s hard so you don’t cum unless I say so. Then you’ll lie down and let me use that face of yours for some explosive riding.”

The  large plug was swiftly installed and the paddling was undeway as she finished speaking. .

As she straddled his face, she whispered,  “Be good, Scott and maybe Mommy will let you cum. Be great and maybe you’ll get some time in Mommy’s tight ass.”

She wasn’t about to admit to him that a hard ass-fucking is what she really needed today.

He wasn’t about to admit to her that he was late on purpose, because he loves more and more when she dominates him like this.

But they both knew. And both played along.

This taboo sin was getting better and better.