When my nephew confided in me that he really wanted to try…

When my nephew confided in me that he really wanted to try sucking a guy’s cock, he had no idea that I was quietly bi.

His big stumbling block, he said, was finding someone he liked who wouldn’t rat him out for just trying it.

“Well, if you’re really up for it, I have the perfect person for you, Matty.”

He looked at me, not getting it at first.

“I would never tell, as long as you never tell your Mom. She’d have my head on a platter.”

“You, Uncle Ray? You’ve….done this before?”

“Not often, but yes I have. And loved it every time with no regrets. So… you wanna try your bi side out with someone safe?. And big? And getting harder by the minute? It will be our little secret.”, I said as I was already unbuttoning his shirt and reaching for his belt buckle and bulging zipper.

He shook his head yes, then he blushed when his own huge hard cock popped out of his jeans.

“Mmmm, very nice, Matty. C’mon beautiful boy. Let’s hit the bedroom. You’re going to learn so much more than just cocksucking, I promise you. If all goes well, I may not let you go home tonight…”

I didn’t let him go. He loved every minute of our newly hatched man-to-man fuck play. So I made him call his mom, my own older sister, and tell her that I had been teaching him how to play “poker” and that he’d be staying the night because it had gotten so late. And while he spoke to her, I slowly sucked his cock. 

He not only stayed the night, but I found ways to keep and fuck him all weekend long.

I haven’t had another man in awhile, but I may just have to keep my hot eager nephew as my fucktoy as long as he’’s amenable. Which right now, seems like it could be forever.