This moment arose out of timid question from her daughter about…

This moment arose out of timid question from her daughter about a possible girl crush but not knowing how to follow through on sex if it materialized.

“There’s only so much I can tell you, sweetheart. Girls with girls are very…specific.”

There was a long pause as Jenny’s mother let that sink in.

“You mean…”

“Yes, Jen, I could… and would show you. I’d be happy to, if you’re okay with that. Don’t look so surprised. Yes, your mom played with girls too. And if you can keep a secret, sometimes when she needs it, she still does. With one or two of her close girlfriends..”


“I know, hon, but once you play like that, it’s hard to leave it behind even with a happy marriage.”

Jenny’s mom was about to offer up one of her girlfriends as a teacher, but Mom suddenly had an uncontrollable dirty urge to keep er daughter for herself..

“C’mere, baby”,  Jenny’s mother said as she started to undress her daughter, “:Let me show you what you’ll want to know. And if it feels odd at first that it’s me, just think of me as your sex ed teacher, okay?”, 

As Jenny felt her mother begin to suckle her breasts and lightly bite her nipples in foreplay, Jenny moaned, “Ohhh gawd…”

As her mother slid downward and began feasting on Jenny’s sweet young sudden;y wet cunt,  Jenny’s hand went instinctually into her mother’s hair to hold on for dear life, and she moaned, “Ohhhh, Mommmyyyy “.

That was the moment that they both knew they would be doing this with each other for a long long time to cum.