this might be a dumb question, but… why can’t i search on some pages? can you disable searching on your tumblr? what is gained by doing this?

You can make it so search engines don’t work on your tumblr if you want that   And if you’re marked explicit your blog doesn’t show up on people’s search results unless they’re logged in and don’t have “safe mode” checked on their settings, probably that also blocks Google but IDK

Beyond that, and if you mean mine specifically, I don’t know, I’m marked as explicit of course but otherwise I didn’t set it unsearchable or anything.  Tumblr is weird and honestly not a very great platform from a functional standpoint, even just typing this up the text the cursor occasionally jumped around to weird places and periods wouldn’t type at all except the times that they did.  It only happens when replying to messages, not normal posts, but still… smoothly working text entry should be like the website equivalent of ‘not tripping on level ground’ would be for wannabe parkour experts.