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“Please…”“Is that an answer!? I want to hear you say it…


“Is that an answer!? I want to hear you say it properly. Now!”

“Please, Mommy… I-i don’t want you to stop… I-i want more… I-i m your dirty little girl… please… please keep playing with my cunny”

“Now that is a good girl. Mommy is going to show you just how good your wet pussy can make you feel”

Daddy all I can think about your big fat cock in my cunny. Keep getting wet all day. Daddy please I need you.

A cock hungry little one, aren’t you? Ah but baby girl you have much to learn, don’t you? You asked Daddy so nicely but presentation matters, doesn’t it? A good little girl comes crawling to Daddy on all fours, eyeing Daddy’s cock hungry before she kneels between Daddy’s open legs. She looks up at Daddy with a mischievous lustful look before she politely asks Daddy if she can taste his cock. Now tell me, little one, are you going to present yourself like a good little girl and ask Daddy if you can taste his cock?

“And now for your reward, baby girl. Do you know what good…

“And now for your reward, baby girl. Do you know what good little girls like you get as a reward?”

“Oohhh…ohhhh….. oohh an orgasm, Daddy?”

“That is right, little cute. So cute with your face covered in Daddy’s cum. I want you to cum hard for Daddy now. Is that clear?! I want you to enjoy your reward for being Daddy’s good little slut”

“Mhmmm mpphmmmmm yes, daddy… thank you, Daddy… mpphmmm…oohhh…aahh… daddy… Daddy… daddy, I think I’m cummingggaaahhhhh”