hornyforincest: The Adventures of A Horny Grandpa 25 “Ooh,…


The Adventures of A Horny Grandpa 25

“Ooh, oooohh, oh,  such a wet pussy for grandpa! Mmm, sweet little girl, you have the nicest pussy grandpa has ever fucked! Yeah, yeah! Mmm, your Daddy sure didn’t lie when he told me you can take it like a professional slut! Fuck, I hope you can take it multiple times, ‘cause grandpa plans to fuck you all night! Mmm! Just like this!”

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The Adventures of A Horny Grandpa 27“Oh, God, yes, sweetie! Suck…

The Adventures of A Horny Grandpa 27

“Oh, God, yes, sweetie! Suck Grandpa’s lollipop! Oh, yes! Isn’t it delicious?”

“Mmm!” The girl groaned as she sucked her Grandpa’s cock. She barely refrained a laugh at his mention of lollipop. Did he really think she didn’t know what a cock?

“Harder, baby! Suck harder! Make Grandpa’s hard!”

Not wanting to explode in the girl’s mouth, he forced himself to stop, turn her and put his dick in her very wet pussy.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! So you’re not a virgin! Well, then Grandpa’s gonna fuck you really hard, sweetie!”

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