Yeah, she can’t hand that in!  It’s not even 500…

Yeah, she can’t hand that in!  It’s not even 500 words! 

“I’ll talk to Janice, our HR manager, she’ll…

“I’ll talk to Janice, our HR manager, she’ll understand… her office is next door to mine and I’m sure I heard her and her son interpreting the memo the same way I did.”

Hope some of you are enjoying Take Your Daughter or Son To/At Work Day Today, and you’re getting a lot out of the experience.  But take a tip from this fine lady, it never hurts to bring a change of clothes, just in case something happens. 

Long drives, short drives, it doesn’t matter. He can hardly ever…

Long drives, short drives, it doesn’t matter. He can hardly ever resist. 

Although, sometimes he makes her wait, just so that he can hear his little girl  whimper and beg, “Daddy, Pleeeeease…. make me cum again!”

And each time, after her gushing peaks subside, their lewd bond dives a little deeper as they share the sucking clean-up on Daddy’s drenched fingers.

“Daddy, will you kiss them again? Pleeease… I promise not…

“Daddy, will you kiss them again? Pleeease… I promise not to tell.”

You look across and see that this young goddess that is making…

You look across and see that this young goddess that is making your cock rise in public is your daughter’s age. And when she gets up to leave the train and smiles at you like she approves of your lustful attentions, it completely shatters a former lock on your more appropriate self.

What you don’t expect when you get home is how you begin to look at your own daughter. And as the fever rises in you, you think, “Not her. I couldn’t. Maybe one of her friends.”

And when you fantasize about her friend or friends, somehow she is always there, awaiting her turn.

You know where this is going and you have no idea how to stop it. And somewhere in the dark corner of your mind, you are quietly praying that she doesn’t want you to stop it.

Only time and your melting restraint will tell.

He had checked into the posh resort stating that his wife was…

He had checked into the posh resort stating that his wife was joining him shortly. That she had stopped to look at something in the shops and he had all of their luggage with him.

As he headed to the elevator, the inquisitive girl at the desk watched them with a knowing smile hidden under her ruby lipstick. “That is no wife”, she whispered to herself. Little did she know who this wiling youth was. Yet.

When the hotel desk worker, Diane, was on a break, she got curious and decided to check out the man’s social media pages. In no time, discovered something she hadn’t expected (even though she thought she’d seen most things working here at this island beach hotel).

The young woman, if she had it right, was actually his daughter. That got Diane wiggling in her chair. Nothing wrong with having your daughter on a vacation but why lie bout who she was? Unless…

Diane took a walk on her break after talking to one of the maids and hinting at what she knew. “Let me know if there’s fucking going on in there.” As it turned out, she wouldn’t have to wait for word from anyone.

On her walk she looked up at some noise on one balcony, and sure enough, not a half hour after they’d checked in, this father and clearly his young daughter were mostly clothed but having heated frantic sex over their balcony railing. Like they had gotten dressed for dinner but he couldn’t wait for dessert to seed her tight pussy for the first (or maybe the tenth) time. Definitely the first since they’d gotten away from home.

Diane was so stirred – never mind watching others have hot sex, but a father and daughter? – “Holy fuck!”, she cried in her head. She took a quick look around, found a corner in the shadows where she could watch, and reached under her skirt and into her panties to fuck herself as best she could while watching this incendiary incest carnival show going on right under the late afternoon sun.

Diane was too aroused and too lost in the lewd goings-on to even remember that she could get caught and fired for this. Luckily, she managed a hot fist-muffled orgasm that coincided with the young girl’s choked cry of “Oh Daddy”, clearly something she shouldn’t have said, but couldn’t help herself in the rutting moment.

Diane came back from her break flushed but happy, and utterly distracted by what she’d seen, and what it caused her to do to herself. No one on the staff was the wiser, thankfully.

The next day, on another break by the coffee bar, Diane saw the young girl, and could not help but strike up a conversation with her. 

“I”m Maya”, the girl said.

“Diane. I work the front desk when I’m not on a break.” she laughed.

There was small talk which the younger girl was happy to engage in. Obviously her Dad was busy with something and she was on her own with no company.

As Diane’s mind spun the possible ways of getting to the insistent subject (if she dared) her panties were nearing dewpoint.

Finally, Diane couldn’t help herself. “I saw you on the balcony yesterday. It was really hot, but you two really shouldn’t. It could cause trouble if other guests complain.”

The girl went beet red.

“It’s okay, Maya”, Diane said to calm her down. “No one did and I certainly won’t complain. I was soooo hot…”, she leaned in conspiratorially, “It made me cum watching you.”

The girl was half in wonder and half dying to tell her secret. “He just couldn’t wait. I wanted him to do that at night. with the moon, you know?”

“I know”, Diane said, “So fucking hot and romantic, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Maybe we could still try that in the dark.”

“Call me first”, Diane joked. That eased the tension in the air.

““Daaa…. Heeee would love a threesome with another girl, are you kidding?”, Maya half joked back.

“Been fucking him long?”, Diane asked, leading the witness.

“Not long. Just a bit. It’s kinda…. awkward at home.” There was a long pause and Diane waited eagerly to see where it led. “Our age difference, you know.”

“Yes”, Diane said. Then quite pointedly added, “I do know. All about that.”

The tone of Diane’s last remark caught Maya off guard. Her eyes bugged out with fear.

“Maya. Just stop worrying. I think it happens more than we know. I know who he is to you. And I promise you, I have no desire to out you.”

Maya had a tear or two welling up.

“Maya, as long as its mutual and not forced…”

“No, not forced. I wanted it too.”

“Good. Then, no one here will know it’s your Dad. Just you and him… and me.”

Maya reached across and took Diane’s hand. “Thank you!”

“No worries now. Just be careful saying things like “’Oh Daddy!’ while he’s fucking you, at least on the balcony.” Diane laughed softly.

“Oh gawd, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. That made me cum. In public. With my fingers in my panties. Where I work!!” Diane laughed. “Just be careful.” 

Maya assured her she would and they chatted on about a few other things until Diane had to return to her post.

Maya took Diane’s hand before she departed. “Thank you for keeping our secret. I kinda like that someone knows.”

“My pleasure, Maya”, Diane said with a squeeze of the girl’s hand. Then she feigned her joke again, hding the hope, “Just call me when you guys need a third.”

“Or if I just need some….company?”, Maya blatantly hinted at girl play.

“Oooh, yes, Maya. I’d love that.” Diane gave her a card and wrote her personal cell number on the back.

“Text me. For you. And for you and Daddy together. God, my panties are soaked again. That’s the second time you did that.”

“Dad’s off golfing tomorrow at 10. It’s his birthday. You should come by for lunch. And stay until he gets back. I’ll tell him I have a very special present for him.”

“Fuck, yes! I’ll, I’ll…change my shift schedule. Geezus, Maya. How am I going to concentrate on my job now. I really need to cum first.”

They were still holding hands, so Diane took the lead. “Come with me. You can help…”.

There would be some intriguing sounds coming from one of the pristine stalls in the women’s restroom very shortly. And this time, Diane wouldn’t have to make them happen on her own.

Inspired by @pervertinparadise

Waiting in Daddy’s studio with the look that says,“You promised…

Waiting in Daddy’s studio with the look that says,

“You promised me orgasms and monster fucking tonight, and if you back out, you’ll ever get to fuck me again.”

Even being the baby of the family, she always managed to call the shots without having to say a single word.