I have a secret daddy kink and you make me so wet. I wish I had enough confidence to message you privately.😩

You need to understand this, little one. Daddy doesn’t bite. Know that if you do message me privately, whatever we talk about or share with each other will remain between just the two of us. I value the trust that a little places in her daddy too much. So don’t be shy, be confident and message Daddy. 

Daddy, I found your blog when I was at work today and I just got home. I can’t believe how wet you’ve made me daddy. I want to touch myself to your every word!!!!

Of course you did, little one. Because that is what you are, isn’t it, a naughty little girl that aches to be set free. Come hither, baby girl, come join Daddy and explore your wildest fantasies. I want you to read this blog every night and touch yourself as you imagine Daddy’s lips brushing against your skin. I want you imagine Daddy’s cock thrusting in and out of you as you touch yourself. I want you to cum, muffling your screams as you imagine Daddy fucking you in secret. Is that clear?!

Nobody should eat Tide Pods.  It could kill you.  Now, the…

Nobody should eat Tide Pods.  It could kill you.  Now, the Incestuous Creampie Challenge?  The only risk there is it might create life.  So obviously, it’s better.  And there are so many other options, too, either as a way to start or to move onto if you like this one and want to keep doing challenges that bring your family together.  For example, there’s the “Incestuous Anal Challenge,” or the “Incestuous Blowjob Challenge.”  Or the “Willingly Spend A Decade As An Incestuous Sex Slave” challenge for the really advanced.  But the classic Incestuous Creampie Challenge is a good starting place.

And if you don’t believe me it’s a real thing, check out this other totally real example.

But Tide Pods?  They should only be used for cleaning up any stains left behind by other, far more fun challenges. 

“I want to hear you say it. Say it!”“L-little sluts have no days…

“I want to hear you say it. Say it!”

“L-little sluts have no days off”


“L-little sluts get fucked by Daddy everyday”


“Little sluts are Daddy’s little fucktoys… they belong to him and are his to use as he please”

“That is right, little slut. And you are going to come straight home from school so that Daddy can rip off that pretty little skirt of yours and fuck your wet cunny hard. Is that clear!?”

“Y-yes Daddy”

“What are you?!”“I am your naughty little girl”“And what are you…

“What are you?!”

“I am your naughty little girl”

“And what are you going to do for Daddy?”

“I am going to squeeze my big girl titties together and be a good little whore for Daddy”


“And I will not stop until Daddy shoots his cum all over his dirty little girl’s face. I am your little cumslut, Daddy”

“Baby girl… this… this is wrong… what are…

“Baby girl… this… this is wrong… what are you doing?”

“Hehe… don’t lie, Daddy. Didn’t you tell me that lying is bad. You wanted this, Daddy. You have been aching for me to wrap my little fingers around your cock. You have been longing for your naughty little girl to please you, Daddy… and you know what, Daddy… I am indeed your naughty little girl… I want to tease you, please you and be yours forever”

“Oh… god… fuck… this feels so good… don’t stop”

“I am never going to stop Daddy, not until you are completely and thoroughly satisfied”

“A hungry little one, aren’t you? Mhmmmm that is it, just like…

“A hungry little one, aren’t you? Mhmmmm that is it, just like that, baby girl… good girl… stroke Daddy’s cock like that and make him cum. Lick Daddy as you run your hand up and down his cock. Yes, that is right… just like that… mhmmm… you are about to make Daddy cum, little slut… mmhmmm fuck… Daddy is about to cum”

“Mpphmmmmhmmmmaannnhh yes please Daddy, please reward this good little girl with your cum. I am your cumslut, Daddy… pretty please… please reward your naughty little girl with your cum”