Ray’s older sister was his guiding star throughout most aspects…

Ray’s older sister was his guiding star throughout most aspects of his early life, and now that he was home from college and no longer a virgin boy, she decided that he was fair game for some other brand of fierce guidance. Especially when little brother started blatantly flirting with his hot big sis. He had no idea the fire he was playing with, but he was about to find out.

“You want to learn the meaning of real pleasure, Ray-Ray, then you do everything I tell you when I tell you to do it. If you really wanna fuck me, you’re going to have to earn it. If you ever wanna cum at all when we’re naked, you have to earn it…”

He was shaking all over when he shook his head in agreement to her demands. He had never felt so aroused before, even in his dirtiest dreams.

“Okay, baby boy, strip and show me that pretty dick you love playing with. As you follow my lead, I may take a piece or two of clothing off for your viewing pleasure.Once I’m naked, the real fun begins. But remember, if you hesitate to follow my lead, you don’t get to cum today. Or tomorrow.’

“Yes, Christina”, he whispered. His naked cock twitched and drooled as he said her name. He was already hooked.

In that moment, they both knew that he would do anything she asked of him. Absolutely anything.

This was the relationship that would forge his sexual path for years to cum.