“Protest all you want, little one but this is happening….

“Protest all you want, little one but this is happening. You were made to please Daddy, you were made for Daddy to satisfy all his filthy needs. You are mine and I get to do as I wish with your little body”


“That is right, baby girl. You are coming to realize exactly what is about to happen. Tonight, finally, you are going to pay for all that Daddy has provided you for 18 years of your life. Tonight, finally, Daddy is going to fuck you and make you understand you are just a filthy little fucktoy”


“Mhmm… such a perfect ass… such a pretty little pussy… ohh… a wet little pussy, huh? Oh you naughty little slut… you are enjoying this, aren’t you? Deny it all you want, your pussy tells me that it can’t wait to feel Daddy’s cock. I m going to fucking enjoy using your wet little slut holes tonight”