Naughty Daddy 17I was helping my little girl wash one day after…

Naughty Daddy 17

I was helping my little girl wash one day after school and while I pulled her cute bubble butt cheeks open I noticed her back hole eliminating white cum.

“Holy shit, baby girl! What’s that getting out of your ass?” I asked.

“Oh, I forgot!” She giggled. “That’s Mr. Anderson’s happiness, Daddy.”

“Mr. Anderson, your English teacher?” The cum just kept pouring out of her.

My little girl nodded. My dick was throbbing and weeping precum by then. I groaned.

“Does Mr. Anderson put his happiness in there often, baby?”

“Oh, yeah. Almost every day.”

My hips rocked on their own with the need to fuck and my eyes crossed as I tried to keep myself in check.

“Does he use your other hole, darling?” I asked pushing my forefinger into her pussy.

“Sometimes,” she replied contracting her inner muscles around my digit. My cock jerked. “But he prefers my butt. He says it’s safer!”

Cunning Mr. Anderson.

“Say, baby girl. Would you mind if Daddy put his happiness in there too?” And although I asked, I was already positioning my pulsing dick at her back entrance. Oh, I was most definitely planning to use her pussy too, but since her ass was already stretched out for me…


I pushed into her from behind, sighing. She giggled. Slowly, I began moving. In. Out. In. Out. And I concentrated on these simple moves afraid that I was gonna shoot too  soon otherwise. I bent over her back cupping one of her small breasts with my left hand and sneaking my right between her legs to play with her cute clit.

A few minutes later I was masturbating her fast and she was moaning and trembling, her cheek against the shower’s back wall.

“Daddy,” she whispered.

“Yes, baby?” I asked, my eyes closed and my head back as I pumped her tight ass.

“My happiness is coming.”

“Good. Let it come, baby.”

When she exploded with her orgasm she squeezed me inside her ass so tight that I couldn’t possibly hold on to my sanity anymore.

“Oh, fuck, baby! Daddy’s happiness is coming too!” I cried out. “Oohhh!” I jerked uncontrollably while my cock filled her colon with the hugest load of cum I had ever produced. “Oh, yeah! Take Daddy’s happiness, baby, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

“Wow, Daddy, you have so much happiness inside you that needs to be released!“

I grinned, high and still rocking slowly. “Mmm, you have no idea little girl.”

“Mr. Anderson says that makes you healthy.”

“It does,” I approved, pulling out of her and watching for a second time cum spilling out of her sexy ass.

Of course my dick didn’t go down so I took her to my room and fucked her another time in the ass and one hot time in the pussy where I let another load of cum. By the time I drew my dick out of her cunt, she was half asleep.

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