My stunning little siren daughter knows how to keep Daddy hard…

My stunning little siren daughter knows how to keep Daddy hard and wanting all the days and nights long.

Ever since her Mom left us, and we found ourselves constantly comforting one another in new ways, we’ve become closer than anyone suspects.

Every day is a new forbidden sexual adventure with my little siren.

And lest I get distracted from her beauty, she makes sure I see every ounce of it as often as possible.

Today, she kept her perfect ass pointedly in my view. I knew she wanted something.

“What can I do to take care of my little girl?” I asked sweetly, knowing my cock was already drooling in readiness.

“Daddy, will you teach me to love anal sex…?”

“Chloe, love, I’ll teach you to love it so much you’ll beg for it everyday?”

“Yessss!” she hissed. 

I kissed her mouth and smiled into her eyes, then said as I slid down ward, “It begins with my tongue, deep inside of there…”.

“When she felt me licking into her back dark hole, she almost growled with the intensity of the pleasure rush, “Ohhhhfuuuuccckdadddyyyy”.

I whispered that I could do that for an hour and she almost came right there. By the end of this session, I was balls deep in my little girl’s back door and she was screaming for more and “deeper and harder”.

We broke records for orgasms both, I think. And once I licked up the creamy mess running from her overstretched anal wink and kissed her with my mouth full of it, she clung onto me like a desperate kitten, moaning,

“Everyday, Daddy. I want more every day…”.

Anything for my little girl.