My brilliant beautiful nerdy niece…I may have broken her…

My brilliant beautiful nerdy niece…

I may have broken her in as it were, but she is teaching her uncle about some of the hottest kink out there.

I hear the phrase, “C’mon, Uncle Dave, let’s try it. it could be really fucking hot!!”  I can never say no to her. And she knows it.

She sent me this photo of her just now with a note that said,

 “C’mon over to the house for a swim. While Mom and Dad are at the pool, we can sneak upstairs and you can rape my ass and dump a hot load in it. And your cum will be oozing into my bathing suit bottoms when we rejoin them.”

I told her I loved the idea but it was dangerous. We could be caught by her mom, my sister.

“I know. That’s what’s so fucking hot about it. Fucking like that with her so close by… I’m already soaked thinking about it. C’mon, Uncle Dave. You know you’ll love it as much as I will.”.

She was right. It was so fucking wrong and so fucking hot. And I am so fucking her willing slave now.