“I’m wearing a towel, honey. Why are you staring? You’ve seen me…

“I’m wearing a towel, honey. Why are you staring? You’ve seen me like this before haven’t you?”. Yes, she was doing this with a purpose.

“It’s okay to get hard, sweetheart. You like naked girls and Mommy’s a girl…”

She had him now. She dropped the towel completely, walked over and gently cupped his huge erection through his sweats, while nestling her breasts against his taut chest.

“I already know, Michael. Some of my panties have gone missing and I’ve found a couple pairs with boy cum in them. And since your dad is gone, there’s just you.”

He hid his face, so she kissed his cheek softly.

“It’s okay to want me, honey, because I want that too. I want you. I think you’ll like cumming in me much better than in my panties…”.

As she knelt she pulled his sweats down to release his feverish teen cock. 

She looked up at him, smiled and said, “Oh Michael, you are so big and beautiful”, just before she opened her jaw wide to swallow him whole.

His yes fluttered, his hands laced into her hair and his voice shuddered the words, “ohhhhgodddmommmmm”.

His first seedburst would happen quickly, but so would his rapid youthful reload.

They would go at it for hours today. Then, at every conceivable moment after.