forthesiblings: I owe my brother so much. He’s always looked…


I owe my brother so much. He’s always looked out for me, always protected and taught me, guided me and helped me without question. Even when I’m being a brat, or dismissing him, he has always been there without question when I need him. Well enough is enough. 

Not only has he saved me from an abusive relationship, he opened up his home to me without asking anything in return. I can’t go on without showing my gratitude in some way, even if I know I can never repay him for all the years of support. 

There’s only one thing I can give him that comes close. He’s given me hope, support, protection and love. A home. What can I give in return, but love and support? My body. A family. 

So now when my brother comes home from work, I’m waiting for him. Ready to serve him as needed. I cook and clean like a good little housewife, and just like any other wife, I’m there to help him relax, and take care of his other needs.

I’m my brother’s wife, and he is my husband. I am so happy to have finally found my place in the world, and I can’t wait to have his children, just like the good little housewife I am.