Dripping wet 24/7 from the hints she has gotten from both her…

Dripping wet 24/7 from the hints she has gotten from both her son and her daughters daily, Mommy spins a new plan in her head.

She is sure her girls are playing together and one has nudes of the other on her phone.

She knows her son is masturbating into her panties and she is sniffing and licking all of theirs for her own self-administered monster O’s.

It is past time. With all of this covert sex going on in the house, it’s time for Mommy to have some. To have it all. To make it happen. To call the shots even.

Time for the subtle breadcrumbs at first. No panties worn in the house. Maybe just some cum-soaked ones left for the others to find. To use for their own fantasies’ pleasuring.

Doors open when showering, peeing, dressing. Time for “Innocent” exposures that lead to comments, desires, temptations… and taboo contact they all want and need.

Then, skinny dipping, perhaps, with the invitation for her girls (at first) to join her.

And one particular raging teen hard-on, hopefully right in front of her eyes, when she can make that line crossing inevitable with a touch, a dirty confessional whisper and a tug by that big sweet weapon into her bed.

It’s past time. If there’s sex going on in the house, Mommy gets her share. And then some.

The plan is set in motion today.