“Deeper…. Deeper…. I said Deeper!”“Mhmmm gllurrggh…

“Deeper…. Deeper…. I said Deeper!”

“Mhmmm gllurrggh gllurrggh ggaaahhh gllurrggghhmppphmmmm”

“That is a good little slut. You are going to make sure you take care of Daddy when Mommy is away, aren’t you? Daddy is going to use to every single day and you better please him. Is that understood?”

“Mhmmmh mmpphmm mpphhmmmglgluurrggghh”

“Oh she will be good, don’t you worry, honey. I am going to train this little slut on how best to serve Daddy. You are going to be my fucktoy, do you hear me? I am going to use your dirty little body in ways you can’t even imagine”