daughterlover: He stormed out of the bedroom naked, furious that…


He stormed out of the bedroom naked, furious that once more his wife wouldn’t have sex with him. He didn’t mind that she spent all day fucking her boss, but he was sick of her then being too tired at night to fuck him. He was going to go online to jerk off to incest porn on Tumblr, but instead bumped into their daughter who was on her way to bed. 

“If I can’t fuck my own wife, then I’ll fuck my daughter instead!” he yelled in frustration as he torn off his daughter’s flimsy nightie. 

“You leave our daughter out of this!” his wife called from the bedroom.

“It’s about time you realized you aren’t the only woman in this house!” he replied as he shoved his daughter onto the couch and thrust his cock inside of her.

“Oh Daddy oh!” his daughter cried out, bewildered by what was happening. She didn’t like it when her parents argued, but she sure did like how good it felt to have her father’s cock inside her.

“You make as much noise as you like babygirl,” her Dad said, “Things are going to change around here and I want your mom to hear what she’s missing out on.”

By request (except real dad, not a stepdad!):

Can I get a request? How about when her stepdaddy is fighting with her mommy because she won’t fuck him so he takes it out on his innocent baby girl to show mommy that she’s not the only woman in the house. Thank youuuuu