daughterlover: daughterlover: The head of the Mafia family, who…



The head of the Mafia family, who protected and ruled over the community where she lived, wanted a new goomah and out of all the girls the Godfather could have chosen, he had chosen her. She was excited and nervous, and like most of the people in the town she had no idea who he was as The Family was ruthless in keeping his identity secret. Her instructions were to remain blindfolded while he tried her out, to ensure she was what he wanted. The moment he thrust inside her and she gasped in shock and pleasure, he knew he had made the right choice.

But little did she know, the Godfather that she feared, obeyed, adored and was now being fucked by, was her very own father. He had long been waiting for the day when he could finally fuck her and he was finally powerful enough to do so without any of his men questioning him or trying to stop him. 

Later when her belly was swelling with the baby her father and Godfather had put inside her, one of The Family’s soldiers told her dad he had hoped her first child be a masculine child. Her father just grinned and replied that it would be nice, but having a feminine child had its advantages too.

By request:

I have a request. How about a story about the head family in the mafia and the father can fuck whoever he wants but he chooses his daughter

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