daughterlover: daughterlover: The hazy memories of what…



The hazy memories of what happened on New Year’s Eve were finally coming back to me. That’s the problem without being older – the hangovers last longer and it’s more difficult to recall things! But now I remember going to that weird costume party and fucking that amazing brunette that reminded me of my dau… 

Oh fuck. That was my daughter. Holy shit. 

Okay, I’d better go to her room and talk to her.

“Sweetie, can I come in? We have to talk about the other night.”

“Oh. You remembered Daddy. I don’t know what to say… I mean, I guess we were both wasted so maybe we could just pretend it never happened.”

“True. But since it did we could just accept it and now I’ll fuck you again right here on your desk.”

“Oh my God Daddy, what?”

2 minutes later…

“Dad! Daddy! Daaaaaaad!”

“I know sweetie, fuck yes, this is going to be a great year!”

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