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Requested by @mykel2189

I love your blog. Could you do a story where the father is grieving over the death of his wife and his daughter consoles him with her body?

When we got home from Mom’s funeral I was really worried about Dad. Neither of us were particularly close to Mom since she left Dad several years ago, but her death still really tore him up. Not only was he grieving for her loss – and the loss of a marriage that didn’t work out – but he kept saying he was so sick of being surrounded by death. My heart was breaking for him so I told him he needed to embrace life again. Dad looked at me longingly and I told him that I was young and full of life, and what better to celebrate life than through love-making. Soon Dad was on top of me and inside me, and all thoughts of Mom and death were quickly fading. Dad asked if I was on birth control and when I said no, he smiled and said he wanted to put new life inside of me. And that’s when when kissed, knowing we were moments away from Dad filling my fertile young body with his life-giving seed.

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