“Daddy, do you think I’m pretty? Or sexy?”That moment when you…

“Daddy, do you think I’m pretty? Or sexy?”

That moment when you fight to not reveal how often you’ve masturbated while thinking of being deep inside of your little girl. Sometimes you cum right into her panties after you know she has cum into them, and tossed them in the bathroom hamper.

“You’re beautiful, Ashley, gorgeous.”

You want to say, “Let me show you how sexy, how much I want your stunning young body, Right here and now.” But you’re trying desperately to be a good single dad.

“I’m sorry, Dad. Are you blushing?” She moves to cover her breasts and your hands instinctively reach for her not to.You realize in this moment that she knows.

She knows from that time when she was just out of the shower and only in a short towel and you held her as she cried into your chest about a mean boy. You tried to hide your instant monster erection, but she felt every nuance of it. She felt it rise up against her belly. And the moment she felt it, she began to desire it.

You will soon learn that she has watched you masturbate (unknowingly to thoughts of her) as much as you’ve watched her finger herself to whimpering orgasms. it’s no mistake that you left your doors half open when you play. Both of you.

She had half-covered her breasts, but she turns to face you and drops her hands. “Do you want me, Daddy? You know, like… want me?”

“All the time, baby. For a long time.” Now you are really red-faced, but happy to finally be able to admit it out loud.

She moves to you and wraps her half-naked body around you, not unlike that towel moment that ignited this rising fire between you. She whispers, “I think I knew that. And I like it. No, I love that you do.”

Your cock is raging hard and this time you don’t try and hide it. “I know it’s wrong honey, but I think of having you all the time.”

“I know, Daddy.You mean you think of fucking me all the time, right? I’ve left my cummed-in panties for you to cum in sometimes. And I, uhhh… tasted us together already.”

“Ohhhhgoddd”, you hiss, as you look down and see her hungry eyes looking up at you. What you wished for had already been happening.

You lean down and kiss your daughter in a way you’ve only dared to dream of, and you feel her hand caress your thick hard-on through your sweats as you unzip her jeans.

Neither of you say another word. But this is the moment you both willingly cross the line into the hottest, most forbidden sex ever, you new father-daughter feral fuck dance.

And you know that, once you begin, you will never want to stop.

She is all yours now, in every deepening depraved way. But even more so, you are hers. She owns you, body, mind, desperate loaded cock and soul.