“Please… no… I..”“Did I say you could…

“Please… no… I..”

“Did I say you could speak?”


“That is right. Silence. Those idiotic protest are just lies. Your body tells me the truth. I can feel you drip down my finger”


“This is just the beginning, little slut. Tonight you train with me. Tonight you show me that you have the makings of the a good little slut. And tomorrow… well tomorrow your pussy gets a chance to experience Daddy’s lustful touch”

“His hands grabbed her tits, squeezing them together. Oh mom, he…

“His hands grabbed her tits, squeezing them together. Oh mom, he screamed out, before he bite her neck as he slide himself into her. His long shaft pushed its way through her vagina. She felt herself getting wetter by the second as he slide with ease in and out of her. Her moans grow louder, more… more.. more… I want you to fuck me more, son, she screamed”

“Oh god, sis…. is this what it feels like? Is this what you have been living with? This insatiable desire to grab your son’s cock and fuck it. Consequences be damn… fuck… just hearing that story is getting me so wet”

“Go on, I know you can’t control yourself. After all, little…

“Go on, I know you can’t control yourself. After all, little brother, your big sister knows exactly what guys like you love. You think this is my first time… I’ll admit that you have a great cock and who knows… if you learn to last longer, I might even let you fuck me… but for now, I want to watch you try to fight this losing battle… do you know why? Because I am in control. One little touch and watch what happens… watch how you cum for your big sister… mmhmmmm…”

“Oh fuck… sis… fuck… I can’t hold it anymore, I am cumming”

“There you go… shoot that load out… you wanted this for so bad, your own sister jerking you off… oh silly horny little guy…. you have a lot more training ahead of you if you really want to please your sister”

“Do you hear that? Do you feel that? Do you feel how wet your…

“Do you hear that? Do you feel that? Do you feel how wet your pussy gets when I play with your little cunny?”

“Mhhhmmaaa.. mpphmm ohhh… oohh… I do… you got my cunny soaking wet, big sister”

“Your pussy needs to be that wet and ready for Daddy’s cock when he fucks you. Is that understood? You want to please Daddy, don’t you? You want him to have a good first impression of you, don’t you?”

“Mhmmmmaaahh…yes… maaahhhh… I do… I want to be a good little slut for Daddy… mmmhmmm… I’ll do anything to please him”

“Good girl… you are learning now… uhuhuh… hold it in… you are not allowed to cum until Daddy tells you… you are going to learn how to obey, aren’t you”

“Y-yes, big sister… I… oohh… it is so hard to not cum… mppphphhmmmm I.. I will only cum once Daddy gives me permission”

“That is a good little girl…. keep at it and Daddy will be fucking you everyday in no time”

“Have you forgotten our rules, little sis? When you bathe…

“Have you forgotten our rules, little sis? When you bathe with me, you aren’t allowed to touch your cunny. I know it has been a while since we have done this but that is no excuse”

“I-i m sorry, big sis”

“Hush, sorry isn’t going to cut it. You are going to pay by being teased longer than usual before you are allowed to cum today. Is that understood?!”

“Y-yes, big sister… I accept my punishment… I’ll be good”

“Mhmm mhmm mhmmmm yes yes YES!”“Oh god that…

“Mhmm mhmm mhmmmm yes yes YES!”

“Oh god that feels so good”

“Oh you like how tight and wet my pussy feels, don’t you, big brother?”

“Oh fuck yes… god, I love fucking you, little sister”

“Well Mom and Dad are away for the weekend… I want you to fucking use me… mmhhmmmmmmmm aaaahhh… fuck… you  are going to be make me cummmmmmaaannnngghhhhhhhh”

“Enough is enough, little slut. I don’t care if she knows. I…

“Enough is enough, little slut. I don’t care if she knows. I don’t care if she watches. Mom cannot and will not do a thing. Look at her. I said look at her! Watch as she helplessly moans in protest as she watches you get fucked by your own brother’s cock. Don’t you lie, Mommy. I can see you squirm and ache to touch your increasing wet cunt. You can see it in your daughter’s eyes, don’t you? You can hear her moan in pleasure as I penetrate her with my big hard cock. You lust to know what it would feel like”

“Mhmmm mppphmmmm mhhmmmmm mmhmmmmm”

“Oh I am going to use both of you tonight. Oh you dirty little slut… I felt that, little sister. I felt your pussy clench down around my cock hungrily. I thought Mom was the only slut of the family but it seems that like mother like daughter. Oh your pussy is so wet. You are enjoying this, aren’t you? You filthy little whore. Tell me, I want to hear you say it!”

“Mhmmmmmhppmhmm aahhh ahh ahhh… mpphmmmmm please… please fuck me harder, big brother…. I want to be used by you… I want to serve your big cock… please”

“You hear that, Mom. Your own daughter, the dirty mouth on her. You are going to sit there in anticipation as you watch exactly how I use little sluts, knowing that you are next”