Tumblr hacked, watch out

My dudes, dudettes and inbetweeters, it looks like me and a bunch of other people got some sort of spam hack. If you received a message from my account of “me” asking you to send me money/bitcoins, please delete it immediately, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, and change your password. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I will never just randomly message people asking for money/donations. Be careful, seems like a bunch of accounts were hacked and hit with this.  I am so sorry if a bunch of people got this spam from me.

Tumblr’s got some explaining to do.

Home for the holidays means my brother and I pick up right back…

Home for the holidays means my brother and I pick up right back where we left off.

daughterlover: daughterlover:Her sleazy father was forever…



Her sleazy father was forever perving on her and trying to feel her up. She loved his attention and was turned on by how forbidden his lust for her was, but she knew it was wrong. One day she was on her way out to meet friends just as he got home. He pushed her up against the staircase and pulled her little shorts and panties down, and took out his cock. Her took her hand and placed it on his cock and while she jerked him off her fingered her pretty little pussy. She thought that would be all they would do so gladly obliged, loving how much they turned each other on. But sudden he spun her around and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy from behind. She reached back and tried to push him away, saying “Oh no Daddy, no! I’m your daughter! This is going too far!” But she had let things go on for too long and now there was no turning back. Despite her objections he slid his cock into her soaking wet cunt, grabbed her by the hips and thrust himself in hard, loving the sensation of finally being inside his daughter’s body. ‘Oh daddy,’ she sighed, resigned to how good it felt as her father fucked her for the first of many times. 

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A request from one of my fans.Captioned by TheKinkySon.

A request from one of my fans.

Captioned by TheKinkySon.

Thanks for your response on the #alwayswanted posts. Your schedule for posting these stories make absolute sense. Very pleased to now understand that you are continuing to post more of this author’s wonderful work. Thanks again!

No problem. Yeah, I’ll get through it eventually.

Thank you for posting the story, “Tanning with Mom!” I’m so happy to see that . Do you also have the 3 chapters of “Playing with Mom,” another of my favorites. Thank you!

I do have those, but I don’t really want to start doing another series at the moment. I kind of want…

daughterlover: daughterlover: When Dad started feeling me up I…



When Dad started feeling me up I was incredibly excited and nervous. Excited because I’d been waiting for this to happen ever since I turned 18. Nervous because I didn’t want to disappoint Dad. 

As Dad pushed me to my knees and took out his cock, I remembered the advice my big sister gave me: “Always look Dad in the eyes when sucking him. He loves that.”

So that’s what I did.


My big sister was right! So I then remembered her other piece of advice: “And don’t neglect his balls. Dad loves having his balls sucked.” 

So naturally I took that advice too.


“If you suck Dad’s cock just the way he likes it,” my big sister had told me, “Then you will get the best reward ever.”

And she was right. Soon I was bent over with my skirt bunched up, my panties yanked down and Dad’s cock thrusting in and out of my cunt.


We ended up fucking for a super long time and Dad even ended up cumming inside me even though I told him I wasn’t on any birth control!

I love my Dad and my big sister is the best.

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