“What is this?”“Daddy… I… I…

“What is this?”

“Daddy… I… I thought you would be out tonight”

“Did you bring a friend of yours over to play without Daddy’s permission?”


“Sir… I…”

“Quiet! Did I address you? Now, little girl. You know the house rules. You dare to disobey, Daddy?”

“Daddy… I-i m sorry”

“Sorry is not going to cut in. Now stand there like a good little girl and watch… watch as Daddy uses this filthy little girl’s body for his pleasure. Watch as Daddy makes yet another one of your friends turn into just another one of Daddy’s naughty little sluts”

“Ohhh.. wow… hehe… Mr. Edwards…. mhmmmm”

“Please Daddy… mpphmm… please… I m sorry… please use my slutty body too”

“Protest all you want, little one but this is happening….

“Protest all you want, little one but this is happening. You were made to please Daddy, you were made for Daddy to satisfy all his filthy needs. You are mine and I get to do as I wish with your little body”


“That is right, baby girl. You are coming to realize exactly what is about to happen. Tonight, finally, you are going to pay for all that Daddy has provided you for 18 years of your life. Tonight, finally, Daddy is going to fuck you and make you understand you are just a filthy little fucktoy”


“Mhmm… such a perfect ass… such a pretty little pussy… ohh… a wet little pussy, huh? Oh you naughty little slut… you are enjoying this, aren’t you? Deny it all you want, your pussy tells me that it can’t wait to feel Daddy’s cock. I m going to fucking enjoy using your wet little slut holes tonight”

“All of Daddy’s cock, little one. That is right, you heard me. I…

“All of Daddy’s cock, little one. That is right, you heard me. I need you to take all of Daddy’s cock in that pretty little mouth of yours. Ssshh… not a sound, can’t have Mommy waking up and finding us in the kitchen, can we? Mhmmmm… yes, baby girl, use that slutty mouth of yours… fuck… aren’t you get getting wet and ready for Daddy”

“Mhmmmh mmhpphmm mpphmmggllururgghh gaahhmmphmmm”

“I know you can’t wait, little one. I know you want to know what it feels to have Daddy’s cock inside you. Show me how cock hungry and needy you are. Show me that you can be my dirty little slut. Then and only then Daddy is going to fuck your wet cunny until he cums inside you”

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“Take it off”“Here… I mean here in public?”“Are you going…

“Take it off”

“Here… I mean here in public?”

“Are you going to make me repeat myself?”

“N-no, Daddy”

“And why is that?”

“Because Daddy knows best and because I am your obedient little girl”

“That is right, baby girl… mhmmm… oh a naughty little one.. you didn’t wear any underwear… come here… I want you to bend over against this wall. Daddy can’t wait till we get home. I am going to fuck you right here and right now!

“Please… no… I..”“Did I say you could…

“Please… no… I..”

“Did I say you could speak?”


“That is right. Silence. Those idiotic protest are just lies. Your body tells me the truth. I can feel you drip down my finger”


“This is just the beginning, little slut. Tonight you train with me. Tonight you show me that you have the makings of the a good little slut. And tomorrow… well tomorrow your pussy gets a chance to experience Daddy’s lustful touch”

“Looks like you will have to change up your punishment, honey….

“Looks like you will have to change up your punishment, honey. This little slut seems to be enjoying herself too much”

‘Mhmmmmppphhmmmmaaahhhhhhmm mmhmmmmmppphhmhmmmm aahhhhhhhha annnngghhhhhhhhh daadddddyyyyy”

“You are right. So tantalizingly… mhmmm… we really have made the perfect little slut, our own perfect little fucktoy to play with” 

“Right there, Daddy… that is where the tingles started…

“Right there, Daddy… that is where the tingles started when I saw you playing with Mommy”

“Is that so, right here, huh?”

“Yes, Daddy… mmh… it is getting worse, Daddy”

“Well baby girl, Daddy will have to make the tingles worse before he can make it all better. You trust Daddy, don’t you?”

“I do, Daddy… I do”

“Good girl… now be a good little girl and take off your panties. Daddy has to properly touch your no no place with his manstick in order to make it all better”