Naughty Daddy 19“Little girl’s pussies are made for Daddies to…

Naughty Daddy 19

“Little girl’s pussies are made for Daddies to play with, baby girl.” The man told his daughter as he pulled off her panties.

“Like you played last time?” She smiled shyly.

“Yes, darling! Exactly like that!” He grinned as he got up and started to unbuckled his pants as he watched his daughter’s bald little pussy. What a hot fucking sight! And he was about to put his dick right inside it and fuck it. His cock throb when it sprang free a the thought. He groaned, as his fingers found the her pussy lips. They were wet with her arousal. 

Rubbing himself he positioned his dickhead at the entrance. “Ready, baby girl?“ She watched him from between her knees as he bent them back and nodded, a finger in her mouth. He slowly pushed inside her, watching as her eyes closed and her head fell back.

“Ooooh, little girl! Oh, fuck me! How the fuck are you so fucking tight after last time?” Last time he had pumped her three times in a row.

She didn’t say a word. She usually didn’t make any sounds, just enjoyed her Daddy hammering her hard. He leaned forward over her small body, propping his hands on her bed on either side of her head and began moving his ass. In. Out. In. Out. The man had to focus on these moves so he wouldn’t come too fast. He needed his little girl to come on his pole. It was the most amazing feeling of all.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait long. A few minutes later his baby girl made a single little moan and exploded on his cock.

“Oh, Daddy trained you well, baby! Shit, you’re such a good little girl!” He had had to spank her small ass a few times last time so she would be silent. Her mom was still asleep in the next room as she was today too.

He let her enjoy her orgasm watching her scrunched up face and moved in and out of her to intensify and prolong it, but when she jerked again and began rotating her hips, he just couldn’t take it any longer.

“Fuck!” He swore when his dick blasted its first jet of cum into her pussy. “Aaaaoohh, baby girl, you made Daddy spit the white stuff inside you, baby! Oooohhh, yeeeaaahh!” It was his turn to roll his hips as he came and came and came until his cum started spilling outside of his little daughter’s pussy.

When he was done, he pulled out and kissed her forehead. “Thank you, baby. Now, let’s go downstairs so Daddy can make you some breakfast.”

“Can we play again later, Daddy?” She asked sleepily.

“Of course, baby. As soon as your mom leaves for work, Daddy’s gonna play with you again.”

“Spit the white stuff, too?”

“Oh, sure will. That’s the best way to play, darling.” He grinned.

The man and his little girl played five times that day and each time he filled her little bald cunt with white stuff.

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Naughty Daddy 18

“Rise and shine, little darling. Your mother is gone and Daddy wants to play!”

The girl moaned under his ministrations, then turned on her back still a little sleepy.

“Good morning, little girl.” Her Daddy smiled down on her. His right hand was on his hard cock, rubbing while his left was slowly edging towards her naked pussy.

“Morning, Daddy.” He pushed her legs open and his fingers made their way to her labia. They parted those too and slipped on her clit. She winced a little. “Daddy, no!”

“Shh, shh, shh, baby! It will only take a few minutes, you know that!”

The little girl trembled as the man, her father sat on her bed, his pants off. He leaned on his back, still stroking his cock and helped his little girl straddle him.

“Daddy, noo!” She struggled to get off, but his hands were stronger. She always fought him at first.

“Now, little darling, you know the more you resist the longer this will take. Be a good girl and do what Daddy tells you and you can go back to sleep afterwords, okay?”

She sighed, looking at his dick and biting her lip. “Okay.”

Then she rose on her knees, took hold of his dick, her little girl fist barely managing to wrap around his girth and positioned it herself. Slowly, she lowered her pussy on his shaft, whimpering.

He greedily watched the bald cunt taking him in, until the pleasure of slipping into his young daughter’s warm peach made his eyes roll to the back of his head. “Oooh, fuck, yeah!” he moaned. “See, little girl? It wasn’t so hard.”

She let out a half whimper half moan. She always got wetter after taking him inside her body. With practiced moves he caught her hips and began moving her up and down his meat.

“Daddy…” Another half whimper. Soon she would start moaning and groaning like a true slut.

“Ungh, ungh! That’s right little girl! C’mon, relax more for Daddy! Take Daddy deep inside your sweet, sweet pussy! Oooahh! Yeah!” He threw his head back as he increased his rhythm.

“Daddy’s little darling! Fuck! Ride Daddy, yeah!” The sounds her now soaked cunt made around his dick were mouth watering. He absolutely adored them. “Daddy’s little slut, yeah! Ungh, ungh, nghhhhhh!”

He forced his eyes opened to watch himself slipping in and out of his little girl’s tight cunt. Jesus! He was gonna come so fucking hard! He always came hard when he fucked her, but this morning, oooh, fuck, this morning he was an animal. He hadn’t fucked in weeks.

“Faster,” he panted. “That’s it, darling!” Although he imposed the pace by holding her hips he still encouraged her so she would know she was doing a great job and she would let him fuck her in the future too.

By now she was as excited and horny as he was.

“Daddy! Oh, Daddy!”

When she began trembling in his hands and moaning loudly, he knew she was getting close. He fucked her harder, deeper, faster, sweat blooming on his forehead and his body. “Come, little darling, yeah! Come on Daddy’s cock!”

When she exploded she cried out and her body went slack, almost falling on his chest. The man struggled to hold her in position and move his cock at the same time.

“Yeah, baby!” he groaned, feeling her inner walls contracting around him with her orgasm. “Oh, shit, Daddy’s gonna come, too!” He sped up again. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” He moaned in anticipation. “Ohhh, shiiiiiiiiiit!” He yelled as his dick erupted like a volcano deep into his daughter’s cunt. “Fuck!” He pushed in as his member spewed then retreated for a second just to shove himself deep once more for another jet of incestuous cum. “Fuck, yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Minutes later he was still underneath his little girl who was lying on his chest, panting.

“Good girl!” He caressed her hair. “Good girl! See? Daddy told you it was only gonna take a few minutes. Was it that bad, little darling?”

She shook her head lazily.

“Good. Now Daddy has to go to work.” He pulled out of her, still half hard and left the room. In his wake, his little girl went right back to sleep, sated, her pussy dripping cum on the red sheets.

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Driving lessons with my Daddy are always fun.“Oh, Daddy! Oh,…

Driving lessons with my Daddy are always fun.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy, yes! Can you make me come again, Daddy?”

“Mmm, I sure can, baby girl. What’s the magic word?”

“Please, Daddy, please!”

“Mmm, yes, now ride Daddy faster so he can make you come!”

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“That’s right, baby girl, keep it open for Daddy! Ooooh, shit,…

“That’s right, baby girl, keep it open for Daddy! Ooooh, shit, I’m coming!” I moaned as my dick exploded with a long white jet of cum. It flew right into my daughter cunt. “Unghhh, unghhh! Holy shit, so much cum!” I watched as the sperm filled her until the pleasure was too much and my eyes just rolled back into my head. “Yeeeaahh, you made Daddy really happy today, little girl?”

“Really, Daddy?”

“Mmhmmm!” I sighed. “And because you’ve been such a good girl and made Daddy happy, I’m gonna give you some more later!”

“Yay! Tahnk you, Daddy!”

“You’re most welcome, baby girl!”

hornyforincest: “Welcome home, Daddy!”“Hello, little girl. What…


“Welcome home, Daddy!”

“Hello, little girl. What are you doing?”

“Waiting for my Daddy to come home and play with me.”

“Is that so?”


“Well, then, let’s get started.”

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hornyforincest: Daddy caught me reading Fifty Shades of Grey at…


Daddy caught me reading Fifty Shades of Grey at the public library.

“You like reading porn, slut? Huh? I’ll show you porn! Oh, fuck, yeah! I didn’t expect you to be so damn tight!”

If I knew it would get Daddy to fuck me so fucking good, I wouldn’t have tried to hide what I read from him.

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hornyforincest: “Keep your mouth open, love! It’s time for…


“Keep your mouth open, love! It’s time for daddy to give you your
medicine! Aaahh, ooohh, yeaaah! Oh, fuck, daddy loves to keep you
healthy, baby!”

I don’t know how daddy makes his special medicine, but it tastes
awesome. He gives it to me every day and I never get sick. After I
swallow I always say: “Thank you, daddy!” and lick my lips to make sure I
haven’t lost a drop.

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