“But Mom’s coming home. She’‘ll be here in minutes!”, Nikki…

“But Mom’s coming home. She’‘ll be here in minutes!”, Nikki cried as her aunt started fondly her through her panties.

“I want your mother to catch us his time, honey. I want her to walk in and catch me holding your face to my soaking wet cunt.”


“No buts. I have some dirty secrets on your mom that go back to when we were kids in the same house. And she owes me big time for keeping them. Now, I know you’ve been crushing on your mom for a long time, and I want you to have us both. So, she’s either gonna join us, or I’ll spill the beans.”

By this time, Aunt Lisa’s hand was inside of her niece’s tight happy cunt.

“Now, be a good girl and take off those panties, lift that skirt and get between your auntie’s thighs for another lickfest. I promise you that shortly after your mom walks in on us, she’ll be face down in your pretty cunt, just the way you’ve dreamed. It’s time to make your hot mommy our bitch, doncha think?”

Nikki was always a good girl for Aunt Lisa. Especially with this kind of reward.