25,000 Followers!  Wow!  And I’m sure every one of them…

25,000 Followers!  Wow!  And I’m sure every one of them noticed that she never actually said anything about leaving the room to whoever she was explaining this too. 

Anyway, this is a big milestone, I guess, and it’s an honor that so many of you find my porn captions, as infrequent as they may be, enjoyable enough to see them pop up on your feeds, or browse them on your phones, or sometimes to share with other people.  I only hope that I’ve provided a few good cums to some small fraction of you!  Thanks for your support!

And I might as well take this opportunity for my usual reminder: I’m quite happy if you spread my captions to other places, whether you include a link back to me or not.  I mean, obviously pointing people to my actual tumblr is better, but if you just want to share it, share it! 

This is not the case with other porn blogs or creators in general.  I’m not pointing this out to say I’m better than them, just that you should respect their wishes if they’re not like me.  But as for me, personally, I literally do not care about proper attribution as long as you don’t actually take credit for it yourself… for me, the work getting spread to appreciative audiences without me doing any extra work is magic enough.